A. Design

Body: GGG40(Ductile iron) according to ASTM A395
Body Finish: epoxy powder coated
Shaft: 420 Stainless Steel
Bushing: PTFE
Face to face acc. to EN 558-1 Serries20
Top Flange acc. to ISO5211
B. Description and Function
Concentric Butterfly Valves are designed and manufactured to have optimal mix of structural stability, flow efficiency and effective seating coupled with advantage of light weight, compact design and ease of operation. Only a quarter turn is needed to fully open or close theses valves.
• Symmetric disc design ensures favorable flow characteristics and low pressure drop
• Concentric shaft ensures low operating torque
• Lining gives a good protection to valve body, and acts as flange gasket
– Shaft penetrates the valve seat
– Limited choice of seating materials (Elastomer, only)
Valve types:
1) Wafer type
• Shipbuilding, water works, heating and ventilation, power plants, oil refinery chemical plants etc.
• Valve to be installed by long bolts between the flanges of adjacent pipe only
• Easy handling and light weight.
• Easy installation, less bolt quantity and low cost.
• Inconvenient maintenance of adjacent pipe.

2) Lug type
• general piping system pump outlets, tank drains, ship sides etc.
• Ring shape bolt hole for bolting with flange of connecting pipe.
• Keep pressure inside during repairing adjacent the other side pipe.
• Different flange shape.
• Possible damage on full face gasket.
• Hard repairing of corroded bolt.
• More man-hour for installation and body can be cracked by misaligned thread.

• Heavy weight.

For more technic and dimesnion information, please check our TDS file.

 download:Ductile iron Butterfly valve TDS-ICM Industries Jun 1th, 2021

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