What is the highest working pressure your camlocks CAN works? 750Psi !!!

As we know, camlock couplings are very convenient on hose connection. So it is also called quick couplings or quick fittings. And normally, it is a low-pressure rubber hose coupling, the working pressure is 50-250psi.

But in some special facility, such as ski facility, they need higher pressure but also want to own the quick and convenient experience, especially under the -20°C working environment.


The good news is our company developed a special cam and groove couplings specialized for snow making hose. It’s working pressure can be 750psi/50bar, and proof pressure to be 1125Psi/75bar. We can offer two materials, stainless steel and much lighter hard coated aluminum. And in order to protect the workers fingers on site, we welded the finger ring. As we know, the temperature is very low, in somehow, the couplings maybe freeze, so always need a higher pull to open the coupling. If it is general finger ring, it will cut workers finger.


The speck as follows:

Cam and Groove Snow making hose Couplin


Our special cam and groove couplings are especially designed for snow hose. General standard camand groove couplings CAN NOT are used on the high-pressure snow hose.

Technical data as follows:

Material: SS304 polished or Hard coat Anodized Aluminum

Type: Adaptor and Coupler

Available Size:2”

Working Pressure: 750psi/50bar

Proof Pressure: 1125psi/75 bar

Coupling Bowl Size: 62mm

Ring: ss304 (closed ring which will protect the finger when open the coupling in lower temperature)

Cam Gasket: Viton (blue)

Hose end seals: NBR

Ferrule: brass (OD 49.7mm, H:38.3mm, wall:2mm)

If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us.

 download: Snow Macking hose coupligs spec-ICM Industries-Feb 8th


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