How to cut your Banjo bolted ball valve price 50% off?

When you see this title, you maybe say it is ridiculous, this guy maybe mad. As we know, Banjo Polypropylene bolted ball valve are much popular in the plastic valves market. It can be used in a huge widely industries and environments. Such as IBC container industries, Chemical transportation, pharmaceutical industries, potable water and wastewater treatment, agriculture and any area need and an on-off control.

      During the purchasing process, almost all the buyers facing the century problem, how to cut down the purchasing cost but not reduce the quality? No mention to cut 50% off. Maybe ICM Industries 3pc PP bolted ball valve can give you an opportunity to make it. 

ICM Industries 3pc polypropylene inline bolted ball valve are made fiberglass reinforced PP, showing better performance in rigid strength and lightweight. The Valve ball is diamond turned after molding to make it spherically perfect, which provides the right contact between ball and seats. We choose Teflon and Viton as the valve seat and O-ring material, making our PP ball valve having excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Working Pressure from -20~150 Degree F. Working Pressure is 150PSI. They are interchangeable with Banjo and Green Leaf ball valve. Same quality but good price for you. For more information, please check as follows:

3pc Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valve
Thread: NPT/BSPP
Material: Fiberglass reinforced PP
1) Precision molded in polypropylene
2)  Working Pressure :150PSI
3) Adjustable stem packing
4) Pure PTFE and Viton seals and seats
5) Temperature range: -20 to 150 degree F
6) Sizes 1/2″ thru 2″ have a four-bolt construction. 2″ full port, and 3″ full port have six bolt construction. All have Viton O-Rings and PTFE seats as a standard.
7)100% leakage test pressure:225 Psi
8) SS Handle Locking device (optional)

Polypropylene Inline Bolted Ball Valve Features:
1) Rigid and light weight
2) Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
3) Stress cracking resistance
4) Low moisture absorption
5) High impact resistance
6) Cost economic compare to stainless steel ball valve and Brass ball valve

Polypropylene Inline Bolted Ball Valve applications area and media:
• Adhesives, Lubricants, Resins
• Agricultural Fertilizers, Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides 
• Alkalis, Acids, Solvents, Corrosives 
• Circuit Board Chemistry 
• Deionized Water 
• Industrial Chemicals 
• Inks, Paints, Coatings 
• Organic & Inorganic Chemicals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Plating
• Pulp & Paper
• Reverse Osmosis
• Soaps & Detergents
• Tank Trucks, Roto molded Tanks, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

Pictures and words maybe not show the truth, please contact us, let our valves say our story. What we want is through our good quality valves and professional service to save your money, and from your saved money give us some feedback. We have confidence to make your business more successful. Come On!

For more information, please check the attached PDF file, you will see the PP ball valve every parts and maetrial. Also incluing the dimensions. If they are useful for you, please contact with us. Welcome. If you are not satisfied just PP material, please check the attached Stainless Steel Ball valves.


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